Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jane: Happy 4th!

This morning, people were racing past our house.

It's the annual FreedomFest race--this year it went right up our street to Bever Park. It was especially fun to watch the runners at the front of the race--they run so gracefully, stretching out their long legs.

It was raining, though, so we didn't have our flag out.

The rain didn't stop my ballet class! Just like New Year's Day, Carol held a ballet class today. It was just me and Corinne, a high-school girl. Carol tried to recruit my boys to help in the ballet this fall, La Fille Mal Garde.

I wore this new necklace to class.
I whipped it up in about an hour last night. Thought it would be fun to have something patriotic.

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