Saturday, July 2, 2011

Market Day

Here's what I got at the farmer's market today:
  • bouquet of cut flowers
  • quart of strawberries
  • some radishes
  • sugar snap peas
  • eggs from Forest Hill Farm
It was Big Market week, and I went with my friend Anne. Every other week in Cedar Rapids, they move the Farmer's Market downtown and close a bunch of streets. Besides the usual produce and baked stuff, there are many, many booths with street fair stuff--jewelry, yard art, wine, funnel cakes, giveaways from banks, dogs on leashes. There's loud music, free balloons . . . and TONS of people!

Anne and I prefer the regular farmers' markets to the big ones, but having someone to go around with made this one bearable. We just watched for breaks in the crowd and shot through.

I didn't want to miss this market--besides needing the above items, I wanted to meet a visiting artist, Eliza, who is travelling through the US, collecting stories about quilts.
She had her quilt tents set up.
Visitors got a chance to practice quilting, too.
I told her about learning to piece and quilt from my grandmothers and about piecing my first quilt starting at age 10 and finishing at age 21 :-)

Nearby, the municipal band played. All and all, an enjoyable Big Market!

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