Friday, July 15, 2011

Paint happens

Robbie didn't get a conventional job this summer, but he has been doing some work for me. He scraped and painted one side of the garage, then I had him do the fence.
He's done a good job--he needs very little supervision except for consultation about what to do first, etc. This morning, he painted without break from 8:30-11:15 (when he was STARVING and needed to stop for a sandwich.

He's always loved chores, since he was little. When I vacuumed, he'd come running and play with the attachments, pretending they were vacuums. Bruce bought him a toy vacuum, which got a lot of use.

Besides painting, he's been doing some lawn mowing. Usually the way he (and Eli) get lawn mowing jobs is that colleagues call us, and then we split the work between the two boys. Robbie was tired of sharing the work, so I told him he needed to get the work himself, rather than waiting for people to call.

So he started his own company called BAGELS: Bobbert's Awesome Green Excellent Lawn Service. He made some cards that he handed out to Coe colleagues at a summer lunch. Hope someone will call!

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