Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Vacations

First Vacation: Devil's Lake State Park, Wisconsin

Drove along the Trollway in Mt. Horeb on the way there.
We had rain the first evening . . .

But good weather the rest of the trip! We love the mountain-lake feel of Devil's Lake, and the great hiking up the bluffs.
(No family pics from Devil's Lake--they were on Robbie's Archos, which isn't working)

Second Vacation: Chicago

Went here the hottest week of the summer :-(

The view from the Hancock Tower at night was great.
Friday was a Cubs game for Eli and Bruce. Robbie and I went to the Art Institute. Robbie took some pictures of things that amused us.
Me by the spider silk blanket.

Oscar Wilde teapot.

The Dalai Lama's words in lights, going up the stairs.

Giant Shiny Bean, a.k.a. Cloudgate.

We had lunch with Mike and Susan on Saturday before heading home. Nice to have two vacations--one wilderness, one urban!

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