Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eli, Jane: Garden Stuff

These are Eli's plants: a pumpkin vine and an "India Lily," planted from a tuber. They are close together because we'd given up on the pumpkin when we got the tubers, and planted one right where we'd planted the pumpkin! When the pumpkin came up, we decided to leave both of them there.

I bought this trellis for my clematis vines. They told me to buy it . . . vines are such weird plants; they almost seem to have brains. These were growing away from the stakes I'd place for them, toward the tree and the old laundry post, but they needed something smaller to wrap around. So I bought them a trellis. I think Jackman will bloom later this summer! It has lots of buds.
Ken put together two planters for me when he was here in May. Here's one. The plants are millet (tall purple), lantana, sweet potato, and coleus. I love it! In front is Eli's banana plant.
These plants have the sunny spot on our property: on the 2nd floor deck. They seem to like it. There are 2 tomato plants, a pepper, and some basil.
Look at the nice little pepper on this one already!

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