Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Robbie, Jane: Downtown Cedar Rapids

We went downtown on our bikes again this evening, as we have been doing for a while. But this time we got farther than 7th St. where the police had cordoned the flooded area off. Now you can get all the way downtown. The water seems to be out of all the streets, thank goodness.

We don't have pictures this time; maybe tomorrow we'll take some.

You can see the water line from the flood on the buildings. Down on 1st St., it's about 10 feet high. This is where the library is.

We rode up to the library and looked in the windows. Sad sights inside. All books except for the ones on the top shelves got ruined.

The Y's pool is filled with water--but not the chlorinated kind. The stinky floodwater kind. Servicemaster workers were already working on cleaning everything--they'd torn out the doors and taken out the tables and desks in the entry area.

A couple blocks down, the little wine/beer store, Benz, had a high water mark at about 4 feet. The young people who own it/work there were taking out damaged stuff and had a pile of stuff in the parking lot.

Some trees and signs were bent over from the force of the flood. Some of the signs had snapped out of the ground. The heavy metal fence along 1st street was bent over by the force of the flood.

People were down there with generators and pumps, cleaning stuff out. It'll take a long time to get it cleaned up; clear, cool, dry weather this week will certainly help matters a lot.

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