Wednesday, August 13, 2008


^This is the house we cleaned up^
\/ And here's the living room of the house Uncle Bill is moving in to with his fiance\/

^Here are Gabi and me on the Blue Streak at Cedar Point^
^Here are Gabi and Maggie playing B-Ball^
\/This is the local Malleys ice cream place\/
\/Here are Maggie and Kim at Cedar Point.\/

\/Oops, I accidentally got them addicted to Mariokart...\/
\/Here is me, looking awesome, as usual\/

\/This is the cable car transport at Cedar Point\/
(B.T.W. Gabi lost those sunglasses...)
\/Yes, it's a turtle what do you think it would be?\/
(see, no sunglasses)
\/Uncle Bill at the grill\/

Here is a video of the Power tower

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Anna said...

Robbie, no you did not give me your email address so I can't email you the awesome pictures of Raptor, Magnum, Gemini, and, of course Top Thrill Dragster... (plus the one of Kim and Maggie looking nervous on Iron Dragon).