Monday, August 4, 2008

Robbie: Legos/my awful typing skills

I have a large and almost continuously expanding LEGO collection and make many models, so I decided to use the blog as a showcase.
(whew I'm typing really slowly because I'm used to my laptop's smaller keyboard,,,)
Here is a cruise ship I made with a HUGE bag of LEGOs I got for $7. It is entirely made up of blocks and slopes. No complicates == (again huge fat keyboard_) no complicated pieces.

In the photo it is sailing across...a granite countertop?

Here is a snowmobile that I made quite recently out of more complicated pieces.

It w == even has rasdio! (radio)
Here is a siege scene that my brother set up in which the droid army is besieging Fort Lego. I will continue the seried=s series (of LEGOs not my crappy typing) when I build new things so look for "Robbie's LEGO Showcase"

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