Friday, August 1, 2008

Jane: Technology--Arrgh!

OK, those last two posts didn't turn out the way I want them to. I guess technology isn't always easy.

The slide show was made on iPhoto, though we worked with Audacity and SoundSlides at the Poynter workshop. I tried out iPhoto and had a nice show with fades and Ken Burns effect. But when I saved in quicktime, it came up as a straight slide show. I don't know what happened.

And in my last post, only the very end of my video got posted! There was actually a short news story (the beginning of one, anyway) with a voiceover, interviews, and some neat overlapping video/audio. But somehow, only the last interview got saved. Someone was helping me at that point (the instructor!) and I think we were doing different things.

All this, plus some troubles with the technology now and then at the workshop, made me feel a bit wary of technology and teaching it. Not that I'm going to leave it out of my class--I can't! But I need to be aware that there are always odd glitches and misunderstandings popping up.

Robbie showed me Moviemaker today. Maybe I'll try using it and see what I can come up with. I can re-do my news video, or maybe just put together the footage from the Sarasota Aquarium and bay boat ride.

I'll be ready for those glitches!


T-Mom said...

Did you know that Shelby Foote wrote all his first drafts with a dip pen? !!

There's something to be said for "being a writer" rather than a "multimedia journalist."

Call me Luddite.

Jane said...

Yeah, that's where I'm most comfortable: being a writer.

One of the facilitators at this workshop said it's best to be platform neutral. "I can tell a story in whatever media works best" is the new mantra.

I'll have to admit, using photos and video allows me to try different creative sides of my brain.

Still, I feel most comfortable with the written word!