Monday, January 5, 2009

Jane: Found!

"Hello. This is the Cedar Rapids Police Department."
"Am I speaking to Jane Nes-"
"Yes! This is Jane Nesmith!"
"We have found your stolen vehicle, and it's in good condition--no damage other than what you'd reported was already there."
"Woohoo! Oh. Sorry. Where did you find it?"
"It's at the apartment building at the corner of 1st Avenue and 1st Street. When can you be there to meet the officers?"
"Give us fifteen minutes. We'll be there!"


CMR said...

Whoo-hoo! is right. Ah. Congratulations. 2009 has to be looking up from here, right?

I think I can empathize with your mind set of "this will be interesting." My friends are often amazed when I tell stories that to them sound like horrific experiences, only to discover that I am happily reminiscing about what I condsidered an interesting adventure.


Holt said...

We are all relieved but concerned to belong to the statistical groups you mention in your first posting about the theft. Did you actually meet the 72 hour statistic? Hopefully Carol is correct and 2009 will now reflect the title of Richard Farina's novel: Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me!

Did they dust the car for prints? Take DNA samples? Or just shrug it off as "case closed"? George Santayana may not be required reading for the CRPD, but is implicit in the TBA curriculum.

From Vol. 1, Reason in Common Sense: Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Perhaps you are a bit existential, like Friedrich Nietzsche who's famous quote comes to mind here: What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Let's hope that you don't need any more strengthening this year!