Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jane: TKD and Flood Damage in the News

Last night at Tae Kwon Do, two guys showed up with a big camera and notebook. They were reporters from a local TV station doing a story on how small business owners are affected by flood damage to the downtown area's steam generating station.

You can watch the story on the KGAN website

I'm holding the kicking pad for our two boy wonder students, Brandon and Raymond. Then Justin and I are being jumped over. They did a good job interviewing Master Hughes.

When we read the paper this morning, we found out that the steam generating station is going to close. Repairs are just too costly. Problem is, most of downtown is heated by the generating station. Now, all those businesses, including the huge Quaker Oats plant, are going to have to put in alternative heating systems.

The building where our dojang is located will have a new owner soon. Master Hughes wonders if the new owner might just tear it down and build something else. That wasn't originally in his plans, but with the steam gone, it might be.

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