Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jane: Stolen Car, Day 3

They say that stolen cars have the best chance of being recovered within the first 72 hours. As of now, it's been 68 hours since mine was stolen. . . .

My friend Brian, who's a sergeant on the police force, was one of the first people to hear about this crime. "Happy 2009!" he said. He thought it might not be a bad idea to have our locks changed on the house (we did), and he looked around in the "dump spots" he knows about. Still nothing.

So we're back to being a 1-vehicle family, like we were for so many years. I'm wondering if my car insurance provides for a rental. It's difficult to say as they haven't contacted us.

I called State Farm the first thing Friday morning. The secretary took the info and told me they'd call me. "What will they be able to do?" I asked. "I don't know," she said. "This doesn't really happen here too often."

According to my net research, insurance companies are supposed to begin to deal with the claim in a "timely" way, though, according to, most start with a 48 hour waiting period. Perhaps that's why State Farm hasn't called yet--they were hoping, as we were, that the car would show up.

The kind of insurance we had on this car, comprehensive insurance, should provide us with a payment equal to the "Actual Cash Value" of the car. If the car is found after that, it belongs to the insurance company. We take the claim money and have to go buy a new car, which to many of you sounds like fun, but it does not sound like fun to me!

We'll have to wait until they call to find out for sure. More later . . .

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