Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jane: Splendid Meal

There was a recipe in the NY Times on Wednesday ("Dining" feature section--LOVE those feature sections!) that I wanted to try. It was roasted broccoli and shrimp with spices and lemon rind.

I didn't particularly want to clean all those shrimps, though. So I let the recipe inspire me to try something different.

I decided to do the roast veggies, and broccoli was on special this week. I added onions, turnip, carrot, and some cauliflower that had been in the fridge for . . . a while. For seasoning, I did use the lemon zest and some rosemary, too.

The Splendid Table people say that in winter, you should just come home and turn your oven to 450--you'll think of something to cook in there! I roasted the veggies at that temp, heating the pan first, and stirring every 10 minutes or so until they were nicely roasted and beginning to carmelize.

For protein, I decided on something boy-friendly: frittata. I had some frozen hash browns, which Eli loves, so I made the frittata with those and some bacon (which had also been on special this week).

Here's what it looked like.

Problem with a hash brown frittata is the hash browns cook down a lot. So the frittata wasn't very big. But everyone liked it, especially Eli. Both boys tried the veggies, and Robbie actually ate more than just a bite--they were almost sweet from being roasted--I'd recommend that combination. And it's totally easy!

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