Monday, January 26, 2009

Jane: In the News

Yesterday I did some volunteer work for a local ministry helping in the flood zone. Yes, CR is still recovering from this summer's devastating flood.

Our job was to go door to door, asking people whether they needed any help to finish renovations on homes--and to make notes on homes that seemed to be abandoned.

I don't have enough upper body strength to help "muck and gut" damaged homes. I have no skill at putting up new drywall. But I am really good at asking questions and listening!

A local news team was there doing the story for the 10 pm. news. The reporter asked if anyone would mind having a mike clipped on and being followed for the story. Everyone looked at their shoes. . . .there was a long pause. I felt bad for him--I have to ask for people to help me out all the time in my freelancing work. So I volunteered. The news team followed me and a woman from my church as we went door to door--well, for about 4 houses anyway.

I missed the story on the local news, but the transcript is here on their website. I'm hoping they post the video!

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