Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jane: Florida Sightseer

I am in Florida this week! Why go to Florida in July, you ask? I'm attending a workshop at the Poynter Institute about teaching journalism (which I'll be doing next year). I'm glad the workshop is here because it gave me a chance to visit with my friends Wendy and Dave, who live in Sarasota.

They took me around to some wonderful Sarasota spots today, including the Selby Botanical Gardens, where we saw beautiful trees and flowers. Look at these roots!
I love seeing these little lizards skittering everywhere.
Later in the day, we took a boat ride out into the bay. We visited a small island to collect shells and drove by a bird nesting site (baby pelicans).
Toward the end of the trip, they threw a net over and scooped up all sorts of marine life: fish, crabs, a seahorse, and this sea urchin.
I took some video footage; I hope to be able to use the footage at the workshop which starts tomorrow.

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