Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jane: More useless crocheted items

Remember that Totoro I crocheted earlier this summer? Well now he has friends.

You're wondering how I have the time and yarn to make all these odd critters. The yarn came in a big bag I got at a rummage sale.

The time? Well, I'm home in the summers with the boys. These days, though, they no longer need me to supervise their play or take them to the pool or playground. I just need to be around . . . so while I'm hanging out (and don't have any freelance writing on the docket), I crochet! I also crocheted on the road to our family reunion--lots of crochet time there.

The instructions for these little anime-like "amigurumi" are in a book that I signed out from the Cedar Rapids Public Library the week before it flooded. I consider the book a refugee and have not returned it yet to the CRPL branch.

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