Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jane: St. Pete

St. Petersburg is a beautiful city; at least the area where we are staying and working. This ^ is the hotel. Believe it or not, it's a Hampton Inn. I've never seen one this color before.
Across the street is the St. Petersburg Yacht Club

And a park with a fountain and trees. The park borders on the bay, where the yachts live.
I can't imagine living here! It seems like vacationland, and I think it is. I asked what these cities--Sarasota and St. Petersburg do. Apparently, tourism is the biggest industry.

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bittlemd said...

Hi Jane,
It is vacationland! It is kinda unreal to actually live here. I feel like I should receive some punishment for avoiding ice storms.

The good thing is that you came to see us here!
Your friend,
David Bittleman