Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Robbie, Jane: Downtown Flood Aftermath

It was a cool morning, so we rode our bikes downtown to see how cleanup is going. 2nd Avenue, the road we take into downtown, was clogged with trucks and generators in the affected area. Here's one of the trucks on a less busy street. It's hard to see "disaster services" vehicles in one's hometown.
Our main goal was to check on the library. It had lots of vehicles parked outside.

We were able to look in the windows in one side. What we saw took our breath away.
The library is totally empty. It used to be filled with books, DVDs, magazines, computers, people. It's completely empty now.

The sight is bittersweet. All those books, gone. But the building looks so clean, almost new. Maybe we can have a new start.
It's going to be tough, though. An article in the paper today said that FEMA probably won't pay for temporary space for the library. It's not considered "essential." A letter to the editor encouraged people to write to the Gates Foundation to ask for funding.
The Library Board is meeting on Monday; maybe our neighbor will have some news then.

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T-Mom said...

Good luck with the library! One thing about those 19th century robber barons--they considered art and literature essential (Jane, you remember that the library here in town is a Carnegie library?)