Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jane: Blogging Birds

This spring, a couple of robins started to build a nest above an outdoor speaker that's mounted above our 2nd floor deck. I noticed it when the kitty started to go nuts watching out the bathroom window--there's a bird out there! I took down the nest before the birds got very far with it, but they just started a new one. Well, there's something to be said for indomitable spirit--I left that one up.

In the past week, we've been enjoying watching the mother and father robin feed the babies. It's much more interesting than just seeing her sit and sit and sit on the nest! At least she wasn't making the kitty crazy.

In other bird news . . . I saw this bird in the neighbor's tree this weekend.
I haven't seen a rose-breasted grosbeak in a long time! I very clearly remember seeing one down in the parkway; I must have been about Eli's age, 12. Have I been a bird watcher since I was 12?


wclaspy said...

Were you 12 on our first backpack at Minister Creek? Jerry still talks about how you spotted birds on that hike, and I think you made HIM a birder by example! I saw an indigo bunting at my trout stream last week, so colorful! We heard a Pileated on Sunday in our neighborhood, up near Fairmount. We were on our bikes so we didn't stop to spot him. We can look for him when we walk for sticky buns in July :-)

T-Mom said...

WOW! How cool is that! You're the first person I know who's seen one!

Ken said...

Rose-breasted grosbeaks must be on a resurgence. We had one at our feeder recently and were thrilled. May parents in Ohio and my sister in Boston both saw one as well, and it's unusual for them. They are stunning.