Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jane: Graduation Weekend

It's graduation weekend at Coe. I will be marching in the baccalaureate procession today at 3. I really enjoy that part of graduation weekend--baccalaureate is a church service, basically, and I am fond of those. Plus, there's always a good sermon by a well-known theologian and awesome music by college music groups. This year, one of my students is giving a speech. And it's not as long as the graduation ceremony, which I've never participated in. (My excuse is that someone needs to watch the boys, and babysitters aren't usually available on Sunday morning!).

This year, I didn't reserve a hood; I'm going to wear my dad's.
I found it when we were cleaning out the house. I remember him getting his degree, and I remember him being at my doctoral graduation. Probably the fact that my father was a professor encouraged me to realize that I could do it, too.

Of course his degree is Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Anyone who's up on graduation symbols (get yourself educated at my student Melissa's online article) will notice that my hood's not the right colors for a Ph.D. in English from U of Iowa!

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wclaspy said...

I'm glad you are wearing Dad's hood. He had it on when he handed me my undergraduate and graduate degrees! :-)