Friday, May 22, 2009

Jane: Droop

My clematis is drooping. One of them, anyway: my Jackmanii. The autumn one--the one that drooped and didn't bloom last year--looks fine. And Jackmanii was fine--even robust--until just today. I sprayed it with some antifungal spray (organic), so let's see if that does the trick.

Mitzi went out with me to inspect the garden, as usual. She's so funny out there. She doesn't blend in at all with her surroundings with her black and white fur.

She likes to eat grass, of course, a feline Holstein.

Meanwhile, the robin is building a new nest in our magnolia.
It's only about 5 feet up, and very close to the garage, not to mention in a well-used yard. I'm not sure she really thought this through. Every time I come out of the garage, she startles out of the tree with a loud skeet!

I'm thinking something must have happened with that nest on the speaker; they were feeding the babies for a while, but then . . . nothing. No fledgelings, etc. I wonder if something got into the nest from the roof of the house. I did discover a portion of a wing on our patio a few days ago. It looked like a full-grown bird's wing--gray feathers--but it might have been a young one's wing.

We'll see what happens with this nest project.

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