Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jane: Testosterone Surges

The other day I saw some male robins in our yard, fighting. It was quite funny. They would hop around on the ground, looking at each other, and then suddenly fly toward each other. They would bash each other with their wings, while flying upward. Then they'd fly away from each other and it would start again. Finally one robin flew off. I guess there's some sort of territory war going on.

It reminded me of our male ratties. They have grown up together, but they sometime fight pretty energetically.
They look like those robins, sort of! I figure they're having some kind of testosterone surges . . .

(When looking for a picture to illustrate rat fighting, I found the coolest page about rat behavior--check it out if you have ratties! It's very detailed and scientific, yet also interesting and lively)

The same day I saw the robins, we had Tae Kwon Do. All the teens seemed to be crazed!
We have about 5-6 teen boys, and now there's a teen girl who's joined us. Somehow this seems to have made the boys even nuttier. There was lots of play fighting, teasing, and yelling. Just like rats and robins!

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T-Mom said...

*lol* Spring Fever!