Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jane: Inspired

On Friday I went on a road trip--a road trip back in time! I went to Macomb, Illinois where Bruce and I lived before coming to Cedar Rapids. It's where we met, actually, and where we got married--at this church.
I spent a wonderful day in Macomb with my friend Judi. We were good friends when I lived in Macomb all those years ago (20!), and we hadn't seen much of each other since then. But that didn't seem to matter--we picked up those conversations about gardens, yarn, pets, books just as if we'd seen each other yesterday.

The idea for the trip occurred to me when I was reading Judi's blog. She was discussing her garden, and I posted a comment that I'd love to help her with gardening and would be glad to take some of her European Ginger off her hands. It was just a comment, but then I realized that I would love to go visit. So I did!

We spent most of the day doing gardening-oriented things--looking at her plants, visiting an awesome nursery in Bushnell, and digging up some souvenir plants for me to take home. We also talked yarn, watched her beautiful German Shepherds run in the yard, and did a little tour of town.

Some of my favorite places in town are still basically the same:
The building where I taught.
"Lake Ruth," the pond outside the building where I taught.

The courthouse, where Bruce and I got our marriage license.
The Maid-Rite is closed :-(

But Robin's Record shop is still there, although she's no longer there. It's now just called Rockin' Records, not Rockin' Robin's Records.
When I got home, I was inspired by Judi's creative and knowledgeable visions of gardens and yarn arts! I planted my new acquisitions: The ginger now has its own colony under the yews.
The sweet woodruff is right near the door where I can see it from the house.

The plumbago has the fence as a backdrop. Judi says it blooms electric blue--it was recommended by a favorite garden writer of ours, Henry Mitchell.

After planting those, I was still in the mood to garden. I don't really have a garden line item in this month's budget for other new stuff, so I shopped my yard. I found some ferns hiding by the air conditioner where no one could see them, so I moved them. I also moved some hosta around.
As for yarn arts, I'm working on another prayer shawl, but when I finish, or maybe while I'm working, I'm going to do something with this pretty chenille yarn I rescued from a thrift shop. Judi and I discussed maybe a short-sleeved cardigan. And I need to try those crocheted socks!


T-Mom said...

I loved having you visit. :)

And I'm happy to see all the plants in their new homes. May they live long and prosper!

But no word on the Big Blue Hosta?

Ken said...

That's so sad about the Made Rite. Did they open a more modern location elsewhere? I always thought it was a sloppy joe without the sloppy.