Friday, May 15, 2009

Robbie's Lego Showcase

I have recently made some new LEGO creations including a tribute to what makes the world go round. 
Love? No. 
Money? No 
Music? No. 
Google! Srsly without Google, you wouldn't be reading this...
OK. on to the pictures....
A Tahrok (I didn't design this but it's cool)
Spaceship (when you lift the cockpit cover it deploys the rear landing gear)

Same ship on its launcher

One of SecretAgentBobbert's ships
Another sweet looking ship (it sorta remids me of the clone transports from Star Wars Episode 2 crossed with Samus Aran's Ship)
Robot Wearing A Baseball Cap
A design in the Engineer's Mini Notebook for a Pendulum Switch
The Lego Pendulum Switch
The LED in the top (If I hadn't been lazy I would have made a platform for my breadboard and used a 555 oscillator instead of a LED)
Here are the individual letters/\
and here is the finished product\/

It makes the world go round!! W00T

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