Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jane: Planting Season

It turned out to be a nice day today, after some morning showers. So after I finished grading my students' last projects (yay!), I went to the Oakland Road Drugtown to get some plants.

It's funny that a local drugstore has such a good selection of plants. But it does--they set up a tent in the parking lot and truck in new plants each day. And though the selection is good, it's not overwhelming like Peck's, my other favorite place to shop for plants--when I'm not worried about being overwhelmed.

There are two planters on my patio that I needed to plant out. Last year Ken did them, and they were beautiful. I probably have photos on this blog!

This year, I decided to try something different. Though the planters are identical, one is almost completely in the shade, and the other gets western sun. Pretty different situations for plants! So I decided to do parallel pots, with similar colors and some similar plants, but with some differences to make up for the light. I put lamium, spikes, and some coleus in both, and then I chose some plants that would have similar looks for shade and for some sun.

Here's my shade pot.

I put in impatiens and begonias for shade.

My sun pot is here.

For sun, I used a geranium and some callbrachoa, which looks like tiny petunias, but don't have to be pinched.

I also got some herbs--I put fennel, spearmint, and lemon balm in a pot near the kitchen.

Let's hope they all do well.

I put in my tomatoes and basil the other day, too.

Three tomatoes: Celebrity, Sweet 100s (cherry tomatoes), and "Health Kick," a plum tomato. And of course a dozen or more basil plants (we LOVE pesto). They look so tiny now!

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T-Mom said...

Love your Shade and Sun pots, and what a good idea to do "sibling" pots. :)