Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Robbie: Baby Think It Over

Ok So It's like 11:43 and i'm still awake. On weeknights (or any night for that matter...) I'm not sick, or waching a tv show. In eighth grade, we have to take home a " baby think it over" doll which emulates the inconceninces of a baby. It uses magnets to be "cared for" and bawls when you don't. The worst part is: IT'S GRADED!!!!
Ok. I'd better type this quickly before the stupid piece of shplastic starts whining again.
Anyway. Im just passing the time by cyberventing and playing card games against Luigi on my DS.
If I had set up camp in the basement I could be on my wii right now. :(
Anyway I will probably update in the next six hours...

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