Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jane: Prayer Shawl

This is my latest crochet project: a prayer shawl.

Our church, like many churches, I guess, has a prayer shawl ministry. People in the church crochet or knit shawls which the church then gives to people going through difficult times as a kind of physical embodiment of our care for the person.

I got a prayer shawl when my parents died, and I keep it on my chair in the living room. It's soft and warm, and I think about my parents--and my church family--when I put it around my shoulders.

The shawl I'm making is simple: single crochet one row, double crochet 2 rows for 3 skeins of Homespun yarn. I just made the fringe today before I started the last skein of yarn. The yarn is an ombre called Tudor, and it's been striping nicely.

It's a bit more useful than amigurumi :-) and gives me a sense that I'm helping people with my crochet hook.

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T-Mom said...

Pretty. Homespun is a nice yarn--it's surprisingly warm, very soft, easy care, and comes in such nice colors, like your shawl.